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Another reward for best incubator in Croatia

by Domagoj Delimar

Last year in April we received the same reward from Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts for 2014, and yesterday, as part of the Small & Medium Business Forum Conference, organized by “Poslovni dnevnik” (Croatian business media), ZIP Incubator was elected the best business incubator in Croatia for 2015.

Primary goals of this election were: encouraging local authorities to strengthen business support institutions and awarding the most exceptional of Croatian entrepreneurs.

We’re always glad to see our work being recognized in one way or another and this only pushes us to do more for startups each year and let the results speak for themselves.

Domagoj Delimar

Domagoj Delimar

Content and community manager @ZIP. Into tech, marketing, startups & growth + pretty much everything else on & beyond this pale blue dot. Can be reached @domdelimar.