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Apart from its regular startup incubation program, ZIP also offers an awesome coworking space and services to all kinds of freelancers.


Our coworking space is called ZIP.Factory. It's an amazing and inspiring place to work full of positive people working hard on making their dreams and goals come true. Coworking has many benefits compared to a home office, a free to use foosball table being one of them :).

ZIP.Factory is an amazing and inspiring place to work full of positive people

Come and join us today, we have a spot waiting just for you

The main thing you get at ZIP.Factory is a pleasant working environment alongside our startups and a hands-on experience of what the atmosphere is like in the first Croatian startup incubator.

You’ll be able to meet the founders of ZIP and seek advice from them, and sometimes even partake in certain events usually reserved for our startups only.

We have 100/100 Mbps Internet connection, lots of desk space, a 20m2 meeting/presentation room with teleconference equipment and a whiteboard (available upon prior reservation). We also have a big (~100 seats) conference room available for rent for bigger events. A growing library of business/startup/software development literature is also at your disposal.

Desks are provided on a “clean desk” principle: empty desk before and after use.

You’ll also find a kitchen and a coffee machine if needed, and there is an affordable diner nearby with meals beginning ~20 HRK, not to mention other restaurants and takeouts.

We do have restaurant near office with accessible meal price (price range are 20-40 kn.

The space contains a lounge area if you just want to kick it a bit and relax. If you need to release some stress you can always challange some of the other coworkers to a game of foosball. We have a table and it's pure awesomeness! ;)

We are open MON-FRI from 9am to 5pm. Working hours are somewhat flexible as we tend to stay longer if there’s work left to do... There always is!

Be sure to come and check us out, and don’t forget that a friendly community of ZIP startups already awaits you here!

In case we got your attention, you can click here and book your timeslot for a free live tour of the space.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to drop us a line with the subject \"Coworking\". Our email address is with "Coworking" subject and we will answer you in shortest time we can.

All coworkers have access to:

- fast WiFi internet connection -100/100 Mbps
- airconditioned workspace
- Fully equiped kitchen - 3 fridges, food storage lockers, microwave, a coffe machine and a big dinning table
- Free parking
- free of charge document copy/print/scan
- usage of laptop (additional cost: 50 HRK / day)
- useage of tablet (additional cost: 30 HRK / day)
- lounge area for relaxing
- library filled with business/startup/software literature
- foosball table

1 day: 50 HRK*
15 days: 450 HRK*
30 days: 800 HRK*

We are open Mon-FRI 9:00 to 17:00

*Prices don't include VAT
Take free live video tour of zip factory

Meeting rooms & conference halls

You're a freelancer or a small company, you often meet your clients in person and you need a nice meeting place to show them you mean business? Or do you need a conference hall to hold an education or event for around 100 people? Don't sweat it, we got you covered!

We have a fully equiped meeting room and a conference hall at your disposal

Meeting room, 20m2 (12 seats)

100 HRK/hour* for up to 3 hours
80 HRK/hour* for 4 or more hours

For mentors, partners and ZIP alumni teams: 20% off!

80 HRK/hour* for up to 3 hours
64 HRK/hour* for 4 or more hours

For our coworkers and tenants: usage is free of charge!

* - prices don't include VAT


- WiFi internet connection 100/100 Mbps
- air-conditioned space
- usage of the kitchen
- free parking space
- copying/printing/scanning (additional charge: 1 HRK/A4)
- laptop usege (additional charge: 50 HRK)
- tablet usege (additional charge: 30 HRK)
- lounge space for relaxing
- foosball table
- Big screen LCD TV
- conference equipment - desktop PC with Skype, conference speakers & microphone, HD web cam

Big conference hall 150m2 (100 seats)

333 HRK/hour* for up to 3 hours
299 HRK/hour* for to 4 or more hours

For mentors, partners and ZIP alumni teams: 20% off!

299 HRK/hour* for up to 3 hours
239 HRK/hour* for 4 or more hours

For our coworkers and tenants: 50% off!

166 HRK/hour* for up to 3 hours
149 HRK/hour* for 4 or more hours

* - prices don't include VAT

Includes everything the small conference room includes, plus:

- projector (Dell Network Projector 4320)
- projector screen (243cm, 4:3)
- microphone
- wireless remote controler for presentation
- live streaming equipment (additional charge: 100 HRK/hour)

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