Startup wednesday with Damir Sabol (PhotoMath) & Julian Oehrlein (Oradian)

Damir Sabol & Julian Oehrlein will speak about what’s been going on with their projects lately. They will tell us about their experiences in winning some of the most renown startup competiotons in the world. We will find out about their future plans and next steps.

Damir Sabol, is the founder of Iskon and the startup MicroBlink that created PhotoMath. PhotoMath is a smartphone app that solves math equasions for you. PhotoMath has entered the finale of this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt. After that it took the #1 spot on the US Apple App Store. It was downloaded by more than 8 million people in less than a month. Global mainstream media has covered the app including CNN & the popular Ellen Degeners Show.

Julian Oehrlein is the co-founder of Oradian. A startup that created Instafin, a solution for microfinance. The founders of Oradian originate from the USA, Germany, the South African Republic and Nigeria. They chose Croatia, Zagreb as the hometown of their operation. Their clients are financial institutions in developing countries. In the first phase this includes Nigeria where the buisness climate is very harsh. They won first place on this year’s Pioneers Festival, among a selection of more than 1 000 startups. With the winning they secured 50 000 USD of investment money.

Damir Sabol (Photomath)

Julian Oehrlein (Oradian)

ZIP.Factory, Remetinečka Cesta 7

Wednesday, 03.12.2014. 17:00