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ZIP Crowdinvesting campaign - successfully collected 50 000 £

by Tihana Marelja

ZIP Accelerator 1 in overfunding

ZIP Crowdinvesting campaign on the Seedrs platform has finished the first part of the investments with extreme success. We have accomplished to collect the aimed amount of 50.000 GBP and therefore we are very satisfied with the interest of the investors and the fact that we collected this amount in only 12 days. Because of these events, ZIP has decided to raise the amount of possible investments, so called overfunding, for additional 25.000 GBP. In short period of time, we have received more payments which have exceeded the amount of and extra 5.7 % or 2.830 GBP.

All in all, there are 120 investors who participated in the campaign from 18 different countries which gives us an average of 440 GBP per investor. There are 39 investors from Croatia, 43 from UK and 8 from Portugal. The people who invested the most are (in GBP): Damir Šlogar (Canada) 10.000, Saša Cvetojević i Mihovil Barančić with 5.000, Denis Carar (Slovenia), Lucijan Carić and one anonymous investor (Bulgaria) with 2.500, Tomislav Šekerija with 2.000, Damir Sabol, Nenad Bakić, Ratko Bajakić and four more investors from the UK with 1.000 GBP.

We hope that additional part of the overfunding campaign is going to be equally successful. Furthermore, in autumn we will be selecting and starting to invest in newly selected startups.

Tihana Marelja

Tihana Marelja

Bacc. ing. techn. inf. i koordinator ZIPa. Sasvim slučajno ušla u svijet startupa i sasvim namjerno ostala u njemu!