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What are the conditions to apply for the ZIP Startup program?

The team (which may consist of only one person) must fully complete the application that can be found on zipzg.com/prijava/prijava-projekta/. The project doesn’t have to be related to IT and the team doesn’t need to have a company formed.

Does the project need to be a startup or based on IT?

ZIP is a startup incubator and as such it attracts primarily such projects, although there is no rule saying other projects can’t apply and that they will not be taken into consideration. Up until now though, most of the projects were actually based on IT.

What if I have an idea for a software, but I don’t have any programmers in my team (or idea for something else for which I need special skills of others)?

Every team has a need for different profiles of people and even though the ideal situation is that a team has at least two founders whose skills don’t overlap (e.g. a software and a business developer), it’s actually not that rare that one of the key people is missing from the team at the start, but this is definitely not an unsurmountable obstacle as we’ve seen even with out own teams so far. Definitely think about applying, but keep looking for the key people for your team.

How often are startups accepted into the ZIP Startup program?

Twice per year, first at the start of the year, in January/February, and also at the end of the year, in September/October. The applications last only for a couple of weeks at a time so we suggest you signup for our newsletter to be notified on time about the next application window.

Can international teams apply?

Naravno da mogu. Već smo imali nekoliko takvih prijava, pa i nekoliko timova koji su već prošli program. Ali imajte na umu da program zahtijeva da za vrijeme trajanja istog boravite u Zagrebu (barem dio tima), kako bi mogli prisustovati u obveznim radionicama, dvotjednim izvještajima i ostalim događanjima.

How long does the ZIP Startup program last?

Four months, after which, depending on the startup’s progress, the ZIP management decides whether the Program will be extended for another three months for a particular startup and whether that startup will get an investment from ZIP.

Does ZIP invest in its teams and if so, how much equity does the startup give for the investment?

We’ve recently successfuly finished our equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs.com and raised enough funds to finance 5 or 6 startups with up to 10.000 GBP each in the following period. Investment is offered for up to 8% of the startup’s equity, which depends on the terms negotiated with each startup (eventually, after the first three months of the ZIP Startup program).


 What does coworking look like in ZIP?

It’s based around a “clean desk” principle. Every day when coworkers arrive they pick a free desk and they leave it clean by the end of the day. Don’t hesitate, contact us and give coworking a try, the first time is on us. You can find more info on zipzg.com/en/coworking

Can I rent a separate office for my team?

There are such options, but at the moment all of the offices are occupied. You can get in touch with us and we will let you know when something opens up.



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