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SEETech hackathon organized by HAMAG-BICRO held in ZIP

by Domagoj Delimar

We held another hackathon in ZIP, this time the organizer was Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovations and Investments (HAMAG-BICRO). Another 24 hours without rest, since 10:25 AM on Saturday, December 13th till 10:25 AM on Sunday, December 14th 2014. 9 teams competed in a creative SEETech Hackathon competition.

The assignment was to build an application (web or mobile) that will enable retrieval, viewing and search of public information from the scope of the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance (HZZO) on contractual partners of primary health care (PZZ), which now exist in certain parts of the web sites and, as well as other information of public interest for the HZZO insurers.

The assignment demanded certain basic funcionality of the application that needed to be completed in within the 24 hours, and out of nine teams that started the hackathon, only five successfully completed the assignment.

Of the five teams who have successfully completed the assignment, the jury and the teams (all hackathon participants that finished it had the right to vote, just could not vote for their own team) selected team TCT - The Cvim Team as the winner of the competition, while the teams eFortis LLC and The Rocky Balboas shared the second place with equal number of votes.

SEETech hackathon voting results

Here’s the photo gallery, so you can see how it was during the hackathon:

Domagoj Delimar

Domagoj Delimar

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