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Seven new startups enter the 7th generation of ZIP Startup Program

by Domagoj Delimar

Following last month’s tender for new teams and our selection process, it’s time to announce the seven “chosen ones” that will go through the 7th generation of intensive four month ZIP Startup Program.

What follows is an intensive educational program supported by our wide ZIP mentoring network, as well as the daily work in ZIP.Factory coworking space, together with other startups from ZIP alumni network as well as other coworkers.

After four months the best teams will have the opportunity to receive an investment of up to £10,000 and continue developing the project in ZIP as a member of the ZIP alumni network.

These are the teams:

Bite is a fast, funny and exciting mobile shopping experience allowing users to be among the first to exclusively buy products on offer from the trendiest fashion stores within a city including a delivery within 90 minutes to the exact user location.

Cinebond is a location based mobile app that will suggest you a list of Movies in Cinemas nearby. Swipe trough profiles that share the same passion, share a popcorn with ones you’d like to visit a Cinema and watch your preferred Movie.

Drafter is a web app for playing fantasy leagues.

GP Arena is motosports tracker and social network for moto entusiasts.

Mobicon mobile app turns each specator’s smartphone into wireless microphone! Your audience will additionally be engaged by features like answering polls and commenting with others in real time.

Mr. Nice is a security and surveillance application for Android devices; enabling business owners to remote control most of the aspects of their employees’ mobile phones as well as providing them information about employees’ activity and whereabouts in form of statistical data.

UducateMe helps people build their own reputation through knowledge exchange which enables them to advance or change their careers.

Domagoj Delimar

Domagoj Delimar

Content and community manager @ZIP. Into tech, marketing, startups & growth + pretty much everything else on & beyond this pale blue dot. Can be reached @domdelimar.