StartUs Connect: Zagreb 1.0

Dear Zagreb Startup Community, we are glad to invite you to the first edition of #StartUsConnect event in Zagreb devoted to the aspects of startup financing, crowdfunding and story of success.

To spark interesting conversation we invited 3 speakers:

✯ Startup Financing & Funding by Mihovil Barančić (ZIP)
✯ Startup Crowdfunding by Ladislav Jurić (Baggizmo)
✯ Startup Story of Success by Matija Žulj (Agrivi)

The event will be moderated by Ines & Augustin and will start with an introduction and updates from StartUs and ZIP, followed by 3 speeches each taking 7minutes/7slides/7 minQ&A.

Following the engaging Q&A we will continue to the networking part of the event.

StartUs aims to connect European startup community and we are excited to take another step towards that goal in Zagreb!

Mihovil Barančić (CRANE, ZIP)

Ladislav Jurić (Baggizmo)

Matija Žulj (Agrivi)

Remetinečka c. 7, Zagreb

Thursday, 03.03.2016. 14:56