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The first and most valuable startup incubator in Croatia

Founded in 2012. with the goal of helping aspiring entrepreneurs from the region of Southeastern Europe to build their companies, ZIP has established itself as the strongest startup incubator in the region. Awarded as the best entrepreneurship support institution in Croatia in 2014. by the Ministry of entrepreneurship and crafts.


Teams in the ZIP Startup Program are given access to a strong local and international network of mentors and entrepreneurs.


In the period of incubation teams are getting numbers of new possible business contacts.


In the period of incubation teams are getting numbers of new possible business contacts.

Media exposure

ZIP teams get featured in the media in an average more than 400 times per year.

About the program

Join the ZIP Startup Program

The ZIP Startup program is based on Lean startup methodology and the expertise of our mentors. It's an intense 4 months long experience during which our teams go through a total of 24 educational workshops bi-weekly reports all taking place in the late afternoon hours.

Educational workshops

During our educational workshops startup teams actively work on a specific area of their project with the help of assigned mentors in order to flesh out out their business model and help them master the art of pitching their future customers and investors.

Bi-weekly reports

During our bi-weekly reports we take an indvidual approach to our teams and we track their progress. We focus on planning and execution of their goals. Each team defines their own plans and goals, and we make sure they stick to it and execute.

Mentor network

Our teams have a large network of some of the top local and international mentors at their disposal. At the start of the program we hold a mentor showcase event where the teams introduce themeselves. Afterwards they pick a lead mentor that helps them and guides them. Mentors can help with advice, contacts or business opportunities.

Join the community

All startups involved in the program become a part of the ZIP community. There are countless alumni teams that are still closely in touch with us. They went through most of the same problems you are now going through and their experience can help you a lot along the way.

Invest in your startup

Entrepreneurship can be a challenging task - it is easier to work surrounded with people that understand and motivate you. We are ready to invest our time, knowledge, experience, connections, energy and funds into your project. Show us your commitment by investing 3000 HRK in your project (this is the price you pay for the ZIP Startup Program).

You think you have a killer project? Apply for ZIP and get involved!


Odgojili smo deset generacija startup timova kroz ZIP Startup Program, a pripreme su u tijeku za jedanaestu!

5 Godina
10 Generacija


Two generations of ZIP Startups are accepted per year. The selection process is not easy and only the best survive the program. Take a look at some of our current teams.

Gen 10 / Zima 2016

Intrested in previous generations? Press here to view all of the ZIP teams, current and alumni.

THE ZIP Network of people

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ZIP is a nonprofit organization and all people around it volunteer. But we still need to pay the bills and rent, so we need financial and other types of support. This is where our generous sponsors and partners come in.

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Throught the years ZIP has won numerous awards which confirm its status as the leading startup incubator in Croatia.

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