The University of Zagreb is an important partner of ZIP. ZIP and the University have created a partnership program comprising incubation and education activities geared particularly toward startups, with a special emphasis on students, scientists and the academic community. The main organization representing the University in this partnership is the Technology Transfer Office (TTO).

The most advanced technology hubs in the world develop in close cooperation with colleges and universities, especially with the tech-oriented ones. That trend is prominent in Silicon Valley, where some of the most successful companies have emerged from research by students and professors at Stanford – Cisco, Google, Yahoo, Sun Microsystems and Hewlett Packard among them. More than 6,000 companies originate from the work of Stanford’s students and professors. MIT has a similar role in the very strong technology ecosystem of Boston.

The University has granted ZIP the use of its premises in Zvonimirova street, where incubation programs and education are going to take place. This space will accommodate ZIP’s full-time and part-time members, and also host events and meetups aimed at educating, but also integrating and consolidating the startup ecosystem of Zagreb, Croatia and the region. <ZIP is going to devote a part of its efforts specifically to the promotion of startup culture and entrepreneurship amongst students and professors at different colleges that constitute the University of Zagreb.

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