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11 novih timova primljeno je u novi i poboljšani ZIP Startup program

by Domagoj Delimar

Nakon najvećeg do sad viđenog interesa za ZIP program, sa zadovoljstvom najavljujemo da je danas 11 novih startup timova primljeno u ZIP startup program.

For the first time ever, ZIP is able to offer the possibility of investment for teams that finish the Startup Program, all thanks to funds we received from 190 investors through the campaign on the equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs.

In the following three months, the teams will undergo an educational program delivered by our strong mentorship network and in our newly expanded ZIP.Factory, the teams will have a central place for work which was recently equipped using the funds given by Ministry of entrepreneurship and crafts (Poduzetnički impuls). - free mobile app that will allow any user of a smartphone to become a correspondent and an associate of media or a crowdreporter. The system will allow the journalists and editors the reception and ordering of textual information as well as multimedia content from their readers, paying and evaluation of crowdreporters, but also to ensure a two-way communication channel with their audience.

Legaltie is a modern software for managing the legal offices. Lawyers have access to their office and data from any place at any time.

MAPP is a system of rewarding users with innovative approach to mobile advertising. Instead of imposing advertisments in your games, MAPP makes them a part of the game, effectively allowing for a more efficient platform for advertising and an efficient system of rewarding the users.

PocketBeep represents a new way of interactive shopping. To the mutual satisfaction, it offers benefits for both shops and buyers.

RentaShopper - Shopping in London, Paris, New York, Tokio or any other part of the world will be accessible with a unique service. RentaShopper brings the experience of offline shopping online.

SnapTap - interactive, contactless solutions for events.

SportRoola - Rule your sport - Online manager for sport leagues and clubs. The application makes the administration of competitions and sport organizations easier, and it can be used independently or be embedded into the existing website.

Thorium A+ for energy assessment and efficiency is intended for certifiers and real-estate owners. The platform significantly shortens the time required to generate all the necessary documentation satisfying governmental requirements while at the same time real-estate owners get a digital model of their object.

Tourism4me is developing cloud software to help vacation apartment rental professionals centralize, manage and synchronize all of their online listings from multiple booking engines.

Tradee poslovni koncept - Auction SaaS that compares landed prices regardless from which part of Europe an offer is received.

TutoTod, Tutorials for Toddlers is an educational iPad app which fosters creative thinking and expression of children between 1 and 5 years old. It offers parents ideas and detailed instructions on how to spend quality time with their children at home.

Domagoj Delimar

Domagoj Delimar

Content and community manager @ZIP. Into tech, marketing, startups & growth + pretty much everything else on & beyond this pale blue dot. Can be reached @domdelimar.