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Telekom Innovation Contest - Submit your idea until April 11th.

by Tihana Marelja
TIC 14

Telekom Innovation Contest

After a successful start in 2013, Deutsche Telekom is once again holding its international “Telekom Innovation Contest”. Creative teams of students, entrepreneurs with startup ideas, young IT startups and Telekom Group employees have until April 11 to submit their ideas in several categories at The rewards include investments of up to EUR 150,000, inclusion in international startup programs, hardware, software, and contacts with the top decision-makers at Deutsche Telekom. The finalists will be determined after international and national preliminary rounds.

The 2014 contest is being supported by hub:raum Krakow, Telekom’s incubator program… Additional sponsors include seven national Telekom companies in central and eastern Europe, in Croatia it is Croatian Telecom Group (Hrvatski telekom and Iskon) .  They coordinate national preliminary rounds, provide prizes, and will cooperate in future with the finalists and winners.

Teams of two or more people can submit their ideas in several categories. Deutsche Telekom focuses in particular on the categories titled “Cloud-Based Productivity” and “Future Media & Communication”. Additional categories are: “Internet of Things”, “Cyber Security”, “Reality Data” and “Smart Energy”.

Prizes for the Telekom Innovation Contest 2014

The winners in 2014 have a host of prizes to look forward to. They include the prospect of investments up to EUR 150,000 by the Deutsche Telekom incubators, getting support from top Group executives, hardware and software packages, inclusion in international events, and the provision of office space in the facilities of one of the four incubators. All finalists will also attend a 4-day startup training program where they can learn from experts, gain insights into Deutsche Telekom’s research projects, and have the opportunity to further develop their idea.

Once the application period has expired on April 11, 2014, experts from Deutsche Telekom will view all submissions. The teams with the best ideas will be invited to national preliminary contests taking place on May 9th in ZIP.Events in Zagreb.

You can apply here!

Tihana Marelja

Tihana Marelja

Bacc. ing. techn. inf. and operations manager of ZIP. accidentally stumbled upon the world of startups, but deliberately chose to stay in it!