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Successfully held the second Erste Finnovation Hackathon

by Tihana Marelja

Photographer Luka Travaš

We are proud to announce that we have successfully organized this year’s ERSTE Finnovation Hackathon in cooperation with ERSTE Bank and BeeOne Gmbh. The event started on April 5th 2014 in ZIP’s headquarters.

Mihovil Barančić, one of the ZIP’s co-founders, welcomed the contestants (the teams) with motivational speech. Additionally, Dubravko Kovačić from ERSTE Bank welcomed the teams with few more words of encouragement. Mario Brkić from BeeOne explained the rules of the competition, the themes and evaluation criteria.

The criteria were: the quality of the idea and the concept, business logic and its value for the user, level of effort, the quality of the development and design and user experience.

The themes that were presented to the teams were:

  1. Create a platform for merchants and retailers (who accept cashless payments) to better interact with their customers
  2. Develop an app which will allow you to pay for different forms of transportation
  3. Build a better method for mobile ticketing (buying and ticket management)

The teams continued to brainstorm and develop their ideas separately in working rooms, where they had all the necessary equipment.
Except for providing space and the equipment, we did our best to create even better atmosphere by organizing great catering and board game corner in association with Igranje (Croatia board game association) where teams could rest and have as much fun as possible.

After 24 hours of working and programming it was all over on April 6th (Sunday) morning at 10:30 AM. The teams were pitching their projects from 11 AM until 1 PM. They put a lot of effort in presenting their ideas. After their pitches, we can all agree that our contestants are very talented individuals who have a bright future in their professional life. Not all of them were successful in their presentations, but

“That is nothing to be worried about. If the people from ERSTE Bank or BeeOne see potential in some teams, they will with no doubt consider them as possible future associates. Therefore, not only should they be motivated by taking part in this competition and socialize with other teams, but they should also be thinking about how they all potentially come into consideration”.

Winners of this year’s Hackathon are Mad Labz, they received 1337€ per member as a first place reward. They developed Brand Tree, simple solution for small businesses to reach their customers with this easy to get and easy to use app. With Brand Tree you can follow your favorite brand’s products and when you think there is good offer you can make a purchase online.

Team Mad Labz, photographer: Luka Travaš

Each member of the second winning team Esi mi dobar? won an iPad Air for work on their project Go Micro. The third team Hyperactive won Fitbits for their Touch & Go solution.

We can’t wait for next year’s Hackathon!

Netokracija, media coverage of the event.

Tihana Marelja

Tihana Marelja

Bacc. ing. techn. inf. and operations manager of ZIP. accidentally stumbled upon the world of startups, but deliberately chose to stay in it!