Last week, we announced our trip to London Tech City, but here are the details and facts about Croatian startups that are coming.

  • Rimac cars
    • founder: Mate Rimac
    • website, AngelList
  • Once
    • founders: Dalibor Čvek, Ivan Ilečić
    • website, Twitter, AngelList
  • Hipersfera
    • founder: Bojan Pečnik
    • website
  • Sidekickr TV
    • founders: Vibor Cipan, Antun Debak, Darko Čengija
    • website, Twitter, AngelList
  • SmartRM
    • founder: Aleksandar Smiljanić
    • website, Twitter, AngelList
  • Trillenium
    • founders: Hrvoje Prpić, Tomica Radošević
    • website, Twitter, AngelList
  • Code Anywhere
    • founders: Ivan Burazin, Vedran Jukić
    • website, Twitter, AngelList
  • Eye Know
    • founders: Nikola Drpić, Krešimir Delač
    • website
    • founders: Darian Škarica, Vedran Škarica
    • website, Twitter, AngelList
  • PhotoPay
    • founder: Damir Sabol
    • website, AngelList

That’s it! See you in London! :)

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