This year could not have started better for ZIP!

One of ZIP teams, Greenpie, just got an investment from Bulgarian VC fond LAUNCHub at their Long Weekend event.

Greenpie is a 3rd generation ZIP start-up that automates nutrition counseling process and saves time for nutritionists.

It is the only solution on the market that automates nutrition workflow and enables communication with clients in real time over the cloud by providing (among other features) interactive diet diary and automatic dietary analysis.

Greenpie founder Mirna Bačun went on a Long Weekend event in Sofia and gave a pitch to Bulgarian investors. After two days event and couple more days of negotiation, LAUNCHub decided to invest 50.000 EUR in Greenpie. Greenpie is currently starting a company in Bulgaria and signing a contract with LAUNCHub. Investment will help them to finish design, front-end development and resolve all legal issues connected to starting a company with worldwide clients and improving the security of the data.

This is a very significant day for ZIP. Greenpie is first ZIP team that secured investment capital for their further growth and development. ZIP has excellent relationship with a number of leading European start-up programs, and LAUNCHub is definitely among them.

We are very pleased to say that another two of our teams are currently negotiating with investors.

This is an excellent indicator for Croatian and regional start-ups on how working within ZIP programme can influence and support their projects.


Mirna Bačun, co-founder of Greenpie

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