March is going to be a totally crazy month at ZIP so we thought we’d share some basic info of our super-busy calendar for the month. Join us as often as you can:


March 6 – 8 Jon Bradford speaking and mentoring

Jon Bradford, one of Europe’s foremost entrepeneurs and accelerator „troublemakers“, will be visiting Zagreb from March 6 – 8. He will be speaking publicly, mentoring the ZIP teams and hanging out with the startup community in & around Zagreb for some informal chit-chat. More about that here.


March 9 – 10 Erste Finnovation Hackathon powered by BeeOne & ZIP

50 super-duper top notch developers will be banging away at financial innovation in a 24-hr battle for the top prize - €1337 going to each member of the winning team. Long hours, lots of pizza, Red Bull, coffee and coke are expected to produce some amazing ideas and prototypes. More about that here.


March 14 – ZIP visits the LAUNCHub Investor Day

One of our cofounders will be headed for a day in Sofia, Bulgaria, to join our friends from the LAUNCHub accelerator there and see what their teams (including some Croatian founders!) have cooked up while being accelerated!


March 15 – 17 Startup Live Zagreb

ZIP cofounders and mentors will be mentoring and judging at this event, being held in the historic Old City Hall in Zagreb’s Upper Town. More details here.


March 20 – „What would small and medium-sized enterprises look like in the future?“

The British Embassy / UKTI in Zagreb is organizing a conference in cooperation with ZIP. The conference will feature participation by four leading UK-based entrepreneurs and mentors: Nenad Marovac, Inmaculada Martinez, Tom Samodol and Dale Huxford. The mentors will participate in a pitch session at the conference as well as work with the teams within ZIP to guide them and help develop business relationships within their networks.


March 26 – Startup Sauna Zagreb warmup!

For the first time in recorded history, our Finnish friends from Startup Sauna are headed south – to Croatia, of course. Aside from Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Sweden and (of course) Finland, Zagreb will host the crazy Finns looking for teams to join the next Sauna batch starting May 20. The details are here and more will follow soon on the ZIP website!