We have chosen the 16 startups that will be competing at the Startup Island Pitch Battle:

  1. Appointment Labs (Croatia)
  2.  Aterin (Greece)
  3.  AuThink (Croatia)
  4. Hypersphere (Croatia)
  5.  LegalTie (Croatia)
  6.  MailBBQ (Macedonia)
  7. (Croatia)
  8.  Mediatoolkit Reader (Croatia)
  9.  Paper@trac (Croatia)
  10. REMIXER (Croatia)
  11. Sizem (Croatia)
  12. Taggium (Bosina and Herzegovina)
  13. The Small Island (Romania)
  14. Travabled (Croatia)
  15. Ultrasonic  audio technologies (Slovenia)
  16. Webiny (Croatia)

Good luck to all the teams, they’re gonna need it!

Let us remind you that the conference is taking place from the 13th to 16th of June on the Island of Hvar. That’s next week, have you packed? ;)

See you there! :)