Winner announcement on the Startup Sauna Kazan Warmup 2011 [picture source:]

This week we have visitors all the way from Finland - the Startup Sauna crew!
They are an accelerator program operating mainly in the Northern and Eastern Europe and Russia. If you’re following the local startup scene you’re probably already familiar with them, since it was recently announced that they will be organizing one of their Warmup events in Zagreb on Tuesday, March 26th. That’s tomorrow btw
This Monday evening our Finnish guests Moaffak Ahmed, Juuso Koskinen, Ville Miettinen, Oleg Podsechin and Antti Ylimutka are buying drinks at The Movie Pub at 20 o’clock - all you need to do is register via Entrio. Swing by for a chat, especially if you’ve applied for the Warmup tomorrow

If you’re interested to find out more about Startup Sauna, here’s a relaxed introductory video:

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